How To Prepare Your House For Sale


How to prepare your home for sale.


The first thing the buyer will see when he comes to see your house is your yard. An unkempt yard can give the impression that the house is not loved. Lawns should be mowed once or twice a week and kept clean of debris. Bushes should be trimmed neat and low enough to not obscure windows. Pressure wash driveway and all sidewalks. Replace mulch in flower beds. Trim back any tree limbs that come within 6 ft. of the home.

Home exterior.

Inspect the exterior of your home. Clean debris from gutters. Spray exterior of home and deck with 50/50 mix of bleach and water and pressure wash . Look for signs of peeling paint or rotten wood and make necessary repairs. Make sure all exterior lights are in working order. Pay special attention to home entrance. Make sure that it is neat, clean, and bright.

Home Interior

You want the buyer to think of your home as their home. Store personal items such as family pictures, trophies, children’s artwork, and sports decorations.   Store any items displaying religious or political beliefs.


A tidy and clean kitchen is essential. Kitchen countertops should be clear of everything. This will make it look more spacious. Clean and degrease floor, stove, range hood, sink, countertops, backsplash, cabinets, doors, window blinds, and trim molding. Repair any loose or damaged cabinet doors or drawers and replace knobs if they are old and nasty. Make sure all food is stored out of site. Remove all refrigerator magnets. Evaluate condition of paint and flooring. Remove any odors with vanilla air freshener.


Keep bath neat and clean with all items cleared from vanity. Buy plastic tubs for each member of the family. Put all items in tubs and store them out of site. Clean any mold from tile or shower with 50/50 mix of bleach and water. Inspect caulk around tub, sinks and toilet. Replace caulk if it is cracked or moldy. Evaluate condition of paint and flooring. Keep bathroom doors open and remove odors with vanilla air freshener.

Bed rooms

Keep bedrooms neat and clean with no items on the floor. Wild paint colors, stickers, and elaborate borders should be avoided. Remove borders and paint if necessary. Make sure beds are made . Clean blinds and trim around windows, doors, and baseboard. Clean carpets if necessary.


Realtors who show your house should watch their clients as they tour your home but to avoid problems keep valuable items out of site. Do not leave out any money, jewelry, small electronic games, tablets, or game discs. Hide any firearms stored or displayed in the home.

About the author.

Joe Leland is a residential real estate sales broker in Charlotte NC since 2002. He is affiliated with Celia Estrada Realtors. Celia Estrada Realtors specializes in working with Hispanic buyers and sellers in the greater Charlotte , NC area.